Cellular Network equipment upgrades and maintenance

We are currently working on a T-Mobile 2G3GLTE modernization project utilizing Nokia Siemens Networks equipment and systems.  With over one year on this project we can safely say that we are proficient and have enough experience to tackle any market anytime.

GSM network integration and troubleshooting

We are certified by Nokia Siemens Networks in installation, commissioning, and integration of NSN equipment and systems in 2G, 3G, and LTE.  Our young integrators are trained in-house by our senior staff in various troubleshooting techniques and have access to all of the knowledge base the company acquired so far.

Tower climbing and controlled descent

All of our tower climbers are fit, skilled, and Com Train certified, as well as have comprehensive knowledge and experience with telecommunication gear such as radios, antennas, fiber lines, RF lines, and grounding concepts.

Telecommunications Division